Automated Testing

Modified: 2009/07/14 23:00 by Bryn - Categorized as: Implementation, News
Thanks to the efforts of one Francisco Peredo, we finally have the beginnings of an automated testing suite in Dataphor. The Dataphor solution in the main branch now has 2 new projects in a Tests solution folder: DAE.ClientTests and DAE.ServerTests. These are NUnit assemblies, which can be run using NUnit-

The NUnit framework has also been included in the main branch in a new folder called Utilities off the root directory:


The CoverageTest fixture in the DAE.ServerTests assembly has a test for each of the coverage scripts in the TestFramework.Coverage.Scripts library. Most of these tests are functional, but a few have glitches, and others still need to be updated or completed.

The DAE.ServerTests assembly also has a TestUtility class that exposes several methods for setting up and resetting server instances.

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