Dataphor 3.0 Maintenance Update

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Dataphor version 3.0.4420 is now available here: Dataphor 3.0.4420

This release is a maintenance release for the 3.0 build and includes the following fixes and minor changes:

  • Fixed several coverage tests, disabled all non-functional tests for clean full regression testing.
  • Fixed errors with first, last, and reset behavior of the TimesTable.
  • Fixed disposal errors preventing proper application transaction cleanup.
  • Fixed platform-specific line-endings in the base exception utility.
  • Fixed an issue with incomplete transmission of the table type of a SQLQuery invocation from an out-of-process client.
  • Fixed an invalid type cast exception when joining an A/T with a key-modifying update.
  • Changed ToDebugString to GenericToString
  • Added permissions for ToDebugString
  • Fixed issue with nullable binary values
  • Removed the ToString(generic) operator because it circumvents the correct resolution for ToString for like operators. If generic ToString functionality is necessary, use the Diagnostics.ToDebugString(generic) operator instead.
  • Fixed an index out of range error in the catalog device session transaction management logic.
  • Fixed bug that was leaking memory in the client because old catalog sessions were not being closed
  • Fixed an issue with application transactions that caused secondary references to a/t variables not to populate correctly in the a/t.
  • Updated PostgreSQL device to limit the size of table names, default lengths to 0, and other improvements.
  • Fixed bug with AcceptEnabled implementation
  • Added DataConditionalAction's counterpart, ConditionalAction
  • Removed duplicate of DAE_DTWriteMillisecond
  • Changed to use NetTcpBinding by default for WCF communications.
  • Fixed bug in MSSQL TSReadSecond operator
  • Fixed an error evaluating an operator within an application transaction.
  • Added DataConditionalAction
  • Added rights for Base64ToString operator
  • Added system catalog operators for determining structural information of expressions.
  • Changed deferred constraint support to function correctly in the presence of multiple keys on a table. Deferred constraint checks are now logged on the key matching the constraint being checked.

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