Dataphor Source Code

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Dataphor Source is housed in a Github repository:
The current trunk is here:

The current stable branch (3.0) is here:



The Dataphor project is a single solution:

  1. Dataphor.sln - This solution contains all the projects necessary to build:
    • Dataphoria (the IDE)
    • the Windows Service
    • D4Runner
    • the ADO.NET provider
    • the Windows and web clients
    • the system, device, and miscellaneous libraries
    • the Silverlight client

Note: The previously existing Synergism and Libraries solutions have been incorporated into the Dataphor solution. The subset of projects that previously constituted the base Dataphor solution is available through the BaseDebug configuration.



For debug, from Visual Studio.NET 2010:
  1. Open Dataphor.sln and build

Build and deploy from msbuild:
  1. From the root of the branch/trunk, launch
    msbuild Dataphor.proj
    The output will be in the Deploy folder.



For access to the Codex, use the following Subversion url:

The current trunk is here:


Automated Build

We are currently working on updating our automated build system to use the GitHub repository.

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