Joint Assignment Agreement

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In order to make any source code contributions, either as a committer, or through a committer, a Joint Assignment Agreement must be signed and faxed to Alphora:

NOTE: We are not lawyers and this is not legal advice.

We need to have an established intellectual property pedigree of the code in Dataphor. This means being able to ensure that all code included in Dataphor is free, open source, and able to be distributed under the BSD license. This prevents a situation where intellectual property gets into the Dataphor code base and then someone later claims that we owe them money for it. Dataphor is a free, open source code base. And we intend it to remain that way.

We enforce this policy by requiring all code contributors to submit a signed Dataphor Third Party Contribution Agreement before we can accept any code from them. These agreements assert that the contributor has the right to donate the code and allow the Dataphor to perpetually distribute it under the project's licensing terms.

There are two versions of this agreement: one for individuals, and one for organizations. Ensure that you use the correct form; for example, some companies own all the code produced by their employees, so even if you write code in your spare time, it may still be the intellectual property of your employer.

Download the agreements:
Send an original, signed copy to:

ATTN: Dataphor 3rd Party Contributor Agreements
PO Box 971144
Orem, Utah 84097

Or fax to:


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