Development Methodology

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Contributions are always welcomed from the community so long as they are in keeping with the standards and goals of the project. Nonetheless, in order for Dataphor to move forward in an organized manner, it is important that certain methods and processes be in place.


Rogue Projects

Contributors are encouraged to work on tasks that are germane to the short-term goals of the project, or at least let the group know as early as possible of any rogue efforts. However, contributions that do not meet the standards and goals of the project may still be valuable to the community, but should be submitted for inclusion in experimental or research branches.



In order to maintain both flexibility and structure, certain agile processes are employed, including:
  • 1 month iterations
    • By the beginning of each iteration, all who wish to contribute to the iteration should submit their intent on the Next Iteration page.
    • Within the first few days of the iteration, all contributors should provide design details and specific implementation tasks for their claimed tasks.
    • During the iteration, the contributors should update their status on the Current Iteration page at least every day. No one should "go dark" (not update their status or ask for help) or the task may be reassigned.
    • Those that have extra capacity or were not initially committed to the iteration may step in at any time and offer to take tasks from the list.
    • Items may be removed from the iteration if it does not appear that they will be completed in time, but this determination should be made as early as possible and with concensus from the group.
  • Commit early, commit often
  • Principle of cautious design

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