Remove Devices from the Logical Model

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Because devices are a physical concern (as far as Dataphor is concerned), they should not be declared or configured as part of the logical model. Rather, they should be configured as an attribute of the instance, and allowed to be changed as part of deployment, rather than decided on as part of development.

To enable this functionality, the following changes are proposed:

  • Remove the in clause from the create table statement
  • Remove device DDL statements
  • Expand the representation of devices in the system catalog:
    • DeviceSettings - specifies configuration settings
    • DeviceTables - specifies which devices contain which tables
  • Make the following device tables updatable:
    • Devices
    • DeviceSettings
    • DeviceTables
    • DeviceTypes
    • DeviceOperators
    • DeviceUsers
  • Back the device tables with a Devices.config file in the instance directory
  • Expose the device configuration in the instance
  • Add the ability to auto-register device libraries as needed when devices are created
  • Defer device determination of base tables to bind-time
  • Provide a mechanism to default device determination per instance, and library.

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