Contributing Source Code

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Like many open source projects, there are two ways to make source code changes to the source control repository:
  • Be invited to be a committer
  • Submit a patch to a committer



Before submitting be sure to:
  • Read the Contributing page.
  • Have a signed Joint Assignment Agreement on file with
  • Make sure that you get latest, and have resolved and tested with the latest code.
  • Ensure that your changes conform to the coding and testing standards.
  • Ensure that the changes include updates to the documentation to reflect the change.
  • Ensure that any project files being submitted are in Visual Studio 2008 format.



  • Package your change as a subversion unified diff and submit it one one of the committers or..
  • If you are a committer, submit the change into the branch/trunk as appropriate.


See Also

If you are wondering what aspects of the system need your help, take a look at the Development Roadmap, specifically Current Iteration.

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